OG Schleswig's successes on SV-Regional- and National level :
Hans A. Schultz with "Cay vom Fuhrmannshof" LG-Cup Winner 1976
Peter Urban with "Patrol vom Mühlenbruch" LG Sieger 1982 and BSP-competitor
Petra Steffen with "Herro von der Hochantenne" Siegershow Danmark 1984 "VA"
Rolf Petersen with "Hardy vom Fourniermühlenbach" BSZS 1985 und 1986 "VA"
Claus Menz with "Urdini von Sanssouci" LGA 1986 Rank 3 and BSP-competitor
Horst Ivers with "Kerry von der Hochantenne" IDM-competitor for duty dogs (Rank 11)
with "Askan von der Frillendorfer Höhe" IDM-competitor twice
with "Enzo von der Ottilienau" IDM-competitor
Günter Steffen with "Carlo von der Teufelsbrücke" IDM-competitor twice
Ribanna Markowski with "Cher zur blonden Puppe" SV-Youth-Sieger 1997 and twice
BSP-competitor in Agility (Rank 11/13)
Joachim Henning with "Okar von Karthago" WUSV Wordchampion and multiple times
Hartmut Friedrich with "Trixi" SV-Top-Ranking in A3-Agility 2000
René Zibler with "Max vom Preußenstein" LG-Sieger 01, Vice-Sieger 02, LG 00 Rank 3
and multiple times BSP-competitor
(2002 Rank 9, 2001 Rank 15, 2000 Rank 20)
SV awards high decorations for members of OG Schleswig :
Horst Ivers nominee for the award "Successfull Mission for Duty-dog-handler"
(Ammunition-search in Bosnia)
Hans A. Schultz Hans A. Schultz Silver-Award-Pin of the SV, Great Handler Medal of Dogsports
René Zibler WUSV-Special-Award-Medal Major Class
Hartmut Friedrich WUSV-Special-Award-Medal Minor Class
Günter Paasch Great Handler Medal of Dogsports
Hans-Heinrich Nanz Great Handler Medal of Dogsports