Skyline from Schleswig

OG Schleswig war founded in the Thirties and closed down again right after the war in 1947. OG Schleswig became alive again by an initiative in 1968 and wellknown far across the local and regional boundaries by the "International Days of the German Shepherd Dog", an event including confirmation and working efforts to select the "Universalsieger" in a combined rating. OG Schleswig was first in Germany to find a multi-minded event of Confirmation Show and Trial Competition and also "Agility" in addition by now, which is one of the most interresting dog-sport highlights in northern Germany.

The club- owned ground of 120,000 square feet is located in the city's nothern region, including the club house of comfortable 500 square feet.
The official training schedule is on friday and sunday. Additional tracking exercises and confirmation show training is availlable on request.

Address :
Training sessions :
SV OG Schleswig und Umgebung e.V.
D-24837 Schleswig
, Germany
Friday : 4:30 pm
Sunday : 10:30 pm