OG Schleswig's club facilities are located within the boundaries of Schleswig, a city of nearly 30,000 inhabitants. The former Capital of the State of Schleswig-Holstein (ending 1945) will celebrate its 1200th Anniversary in 2004, being one of the oldest cities in Northern Europe. Already in the year 804 a.Chr. Schleswig became known as "Sliaswich" in the documents of the Frankonian Imperium succeding the old Viking trading center of "Haithabu", the most important trade post of the legendary seafarer people. Today, Schleswig is not only the center of all higher State Courts and an active Bishop post of the "North Elbian Protestant Church", but also hosting the major State museums in the Gottorf-Castle. With its theatres and festivals as well as with its numerous historic monuments Schleswig is the "Cultural Center" of the State.

View from Schleswig with Cathedral
The crest of the City of Schleswig The crest of the City of Schleswig :
The crest of the Club of OG Schleswig u.U.

The building refers to the Fortress or Castle on top of the "Möveninsel" (Isle of seaguls) which was destroyed 1268 - the waves are symbolizing the "Schlei". The importance of "quater moon" and "Star" are not documented clearly. Both are also part of the oldest seals of the "St. Knuts-Guild" (fellowship) from the 12th Century. An often heard opinion tells us, that the presentation of the sky-bodies is reflecting the seafarer.